Saturday, November 24, 2007

Looking For A New Furniture

Dearie Suki and me are planning to convert the room at the back to kids room as both of us think its time for the kids to sleep alone. We are planning to go to the furniture store to have a look at what they have but we have yet to find the time to go.

We make a list out of what sort of Furniture we need to get for the kids room. Since the kids are asleep now, both of us browse through the web to look for ideas how to decorate the kids room and and we came across Furniture Online. Hmmm... quite a good one as you can select the Bedroom Sets they have and you can even order online. Both of us quite like the ' Classic White Youth Furniture Bunk Bed Set' which consist one bunk bed, one dresser, one chest and one night stand. Price wise, it is quite reasonable.

I was telling Dearie Suki, since Christmas is round the corner and Chinese New Year is approaching soon, why not change our living room sofa to a leather couch . Furthermore, it is on 30% discount. He agreed and we ordered online! Both of us can't wait for the furniture to come and we just can't wait to decorate the kids room. I am getting so excited now!