Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What A Bad Combination

Last Saturday, while I was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch for the kids, Dearie Suki shouted from top floor.....

Dearie Suki : Dear ah...... Ah Boy 'wee wee' on our bed.
Me : Aiyor... u change for him la.
Deaire Suki : How about the bed? Kena his 'wee wee' liao.
Me : Aiyor... I busy cooking la. You kau tim la. Go and take the bed sheet and change la.
Dearie Suki : Where oh?
Me : On top of the cupboard. ( He is getting up my nerve liao. Ask another time I am going to taruk him )
Dearie Suki :Take which design ?
Me : Aiyor ... cincai la. Don't ask me anymore ah. I busy here.
Dearie Suki : OK la, OK la.

After the kids had their lunch, its time to take an afternoon nap. At that time Dearie Suki went out to service his car after he had his lunch. 3 of us went up to the room to take our afternoon nap.

Once open the door, I nearly fainted. I think he got a bad sense of matching a colour. Look at the bedsheet design and the quilt cover set he used. ALAMAK, really cheh kai leh. For so many donkey years he has been sleeping on the bed and he still couldn't remember which bed sheet goes with which quilt cover set.

He is supposed to use a plain colour bed sheet to go with the floral quilt cover or the other way round. I am SPEECHLESS and 'beh tahan' feel like take out a new one and change it.

But on my second thought, I better don't do that if not next time he won't help me to change the bed sheet and I got to do all by myself. Better don't complaint too much, close one eye lor!

What a bad combination

My little Ee-Thern, I am going to wack him if he 'wee wee' again on the bed. This is how he always react to me after the get the scolding... he will suck his thumb, lying down on the bed and pretend he is not listening.


Big Boys Oven said...

haahhaha i did that before.... that was nearly 30 something years ago! I buat tak tau! lol!

singairishgirl said...

Aw... close one eye lah... he's so nice to change it so neatly some more. ;)

Sweetiepie said...

Not badlah..at least he helps.:)guys are always not good in matching.

Dancing Queen said...

Eh, same with my husband also. Every day see the thing also can miss wan. Like when the maid puts the floor mat away to clean the bathroom. He can just step in & out without putting back the floor mat when it's right in front of him. Then the bathroom floor would be wet. :(

Jane of All Trades said...

This is so funny that I have to comment on it. I'm one of your readers that usually read only. Its so hilarious how men can be and I always thought my hubby was bad.... at least he does match. Good one for your Dear Suki.
I agree with you, if we want them to help we do have to shut up or they will figure out... "if I mess up wifey will leave me alone"

still laughing!!!

Cat Cat said...

Sue Sue,
Dear Suki not bad ah... Help you around the house...
Your boy is so cute.. Still "chot chot" his thumb... Just like my youngest... Cute.

InspiredMumof2 said...

what a coincidence, I got the same bedsheet too :-) By the way, you've been tagged! check my blog for your award.

JO-N said...

Don't blame him. He's good enough to help you out in the house. Men are not so particular about colour matching.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, at least your hubby helps you. For me, if my hubby want to help with housework I just let him do it. Clean or not clean is ok. If you tell him 'no need lah' then he won't help you the next time.

Sue Sue said...

hahaha ...

Maybe he knows me, I will sure nag if things is not in order.

I think he got bad taste la.But he do help me with some house works.

Dancing Queen,
I also don't understand them, why they got no sense one leh. Anyway, got to close one eye la, since now no maid la.

Jane of all trades,
Good to know that u read my blog.Good ah ur hubby, atleast yours match, mine char lah. Hahaha...

My boy ah, suck his thumb since he was born la. So he does not need a pacifier.

Really? You got the same as mine? Hahaha... Will check your blog later.

I also cannot complaint much la. If not I sendiri cari pasal la.

That is why I got to shut my mouth lor. hahaha

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