Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've Signed Up For PPP

I've found out from fellow blogger that you can actually get paid for every post that you blog about.

This blog is about a blog reviews that can earn money.... and I mean its EXTRA pocket money. Finally, I was introduced into PPP. Isn't this is an interesting way to earn money in just writing about something. Last week I've signed up for it , and to my surprised, this morning I have received an email from PPP saying that my blog had been approved. Yahoo...I didn't expect such a speedy approval from them and I am so excited now. Tonight I am going to start writing and earning the extra money from it. Cool, it is a SMART way to earn the extra money.

What am I going to do with the extra money? I loves to travel to beautiful and interesting places. I just hope one day, I can used the extra money that I earn from PPP to fulfill my dream to travel to all the beautiful places in this world with my loving hubby.

So to all of you which you have not come across PayPerPost, why not give it a try today. Signed up for it and I bet you will find it interesting to earn the extra pocket money. I have done that and I bet you will do so!