Monday, November 12, 2007

New Gadget In My Kitchen

The water hose in the garden 'kaput' and I have been reminding Dearie Suki to change a new one for me. For 3 months I have been telling him the same old thing and finally last month he get a flat water hose to installed in the garden. My MIL is a Cosway member and she got few hundred coupons at home and didn't utilized it. Dearie Suki brought back the redemption catalogue and flip through the booklet and saw this flat water hose with a USP stated " No More Tangled Hassle " . Since my MIL didn't utilized the coupons, better we used it for her.... hihihi....

There he goes to the outlet in Times Square, KL to redeem the water hose back home.

Apart from the above, he also came back with a 3 in 1, sandwich, waffle and grill maker. Yeah, Hooray..... he gave me a surprise again. I've been looking for a waffle maker for quite some time and can't even find it in any of the electrical shop here. What they have are mainly the sandwich maker. Finally I have another new gadget in the kitchen and he redeem it for FREE with the coupons my MIL gave it to him.

I can't wait to used it and the next morning, I make waffles for the kids and off course my Dearie Suki.

I used the Pilsbury Pancake Mix for the batter but I still find the waffles is a bit hard and thick unlike those I ate in Brussels ..... crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. My next attempt I will try to add more water to the batter and make it thinner.

Here they goes. Hot waffles with a knob of butter and honey on top for their breakfast.

My 2 kids are enjoying their waffles and the next round I will make them waffles with ice-cream on top. I am sure they will love it.


zooropa said...

waffle wth peanut butter is my favourite yummy snack!


Cat Cat said...

Sue Sue,
Your home-made waffle looks good... My girls are more to pancakes...

Anggie's journel said...

wow, what a good waffle maker ... yah, sure the kids will love it, somemore add with the ice cream ... the most happy thing, it's FOC punya.. how nice !!

Sweetiepie said...

look like your kids really enjoy the kids doesn't like waffle.I had bought one maker only use once.

Sue Sue said...

Dora : Izzit u also like waffle ah?

CatCat : Ok la but still I find it is not crispy on the outside la. Must do another round.

Anggie : I doubt sure the sapu the ice cream and buang the waffle one.

Sweetiepie: I think I also will be like you la. Hangat2 tahi ayam used once and then chuck at the side.

Ratu Syura said...

Ooooh, those waffles look good! Although I'm more of a pancake gal myself, those waffles are still making me want some! Hehe.. Better luck with the batter next time! :D

Ratu Syura


baby so lucky!! pretty mommy make them waffles!! yum yummmm!!!! thanks for sharing the nice waffles!!

JO-N said...

so lucky to have a mother like you. My kids love waffle too but I don't know how to make for them.

Tyna-C said...

i love the waffle maker, wanted to buy it but my mum doesn't let me to do so, because i don't know how to make waffle.

yeahh, they are so lucky to have you as their mum, a mother that is willing to spend time on making nice food for the kids.

Sue Sue said...

Ratu Syura : Hi thanks fro visiting my blog.

Aron : No la where got lucky

Jo-N : Very easy to make one leh. Give it a try.

Tyna-C : They are sure lucky to have me as their mom. hahaha

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