Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hotel Reservations

I loves to travel and it is one of my interest since I am young. Mom will bring both me and my sister travel to places like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. My dream is to travel to all the European countries which I had visited 5 countries in Europe namely London, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam and Germany and looking forward to visit the rest of the countries. Booking the tour and the hotel arrangement through the travelling agency could be quite an expensive one and yet there is not much flexibility on our side.

During my last business trip to Germany, I had actually extended my trip for few days and I had taken this oppurtunities to visit 2 countries in Europe. Before I did my hotel and my tour booking, I searched through the internet and came across this website Hotel Reservations .

I could say this is a useful link because you can find a whole list of hotels or hostels suited to your budget. Apart from this you can even plan and booked your vacation packages through Hotel Reservations and believe me or not you can actually get a cheaper rate and save up as much as 70% discount on the booking as compared to the normal rates. This useful link also offer car rental and flight booking at a cheaper rate too.

My next coming trip is to plan a short holiday of 4 days 3 night with my Dearie Suki and to get away from the busy working stress in the city. We've been planning this since last two week and finally we decided we will go to Bangkok and off course I was given a task from him that I will be his tour leader to make all the arrangment.

I finally make a reservation with the Asia Hotel in Bangkok at an attractive rates and furthermore I can even get a rebate of USD20 for a 3 nights booking. The rebate offered by them is up to USD100 for a maximum 12 nights booking. Wow, isn't this interesting to plan your own travelling and yet you get so many freebies and discounts. Ooh, I can't wait for December to come as we are going for our 2nd honeymoon again.

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