Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Garden At Home

Today is another no objective Saturday for me. Woke up as early as 6.30 am just to open the gate for the part-time maid to get in and little Le-Ann woke up as early as 6 am to ask for milk. I think I only had 4 hours of sleep and now I am so darn tired and almost at the blur blur stage now. Why because yesterday night try to work out the PPP thing with Wen and I don't know what I have done wrong when copying the link. Thanks for her help to guide me and finally I get my 2nd PPP submitted. Even when the maid ask me how to operate the vacum cleaner and I don't even know how to open up.You see I blur or not. Walaueh, must drink BRANDS CHICKEN ESSENCE already.

Little Ee-Thern still asleep with Dearie Suki in the room and I am trying to get some fresh air outside the house and adoring my green plants in the garden with little Le-Ann and again my little KPC help me to water the plant and feed the guppy fishes with fish food. Another thing both of us found our one and only goldfish, about 3 years old living in the pond, mati liao. Don't know what happen maybe over eating or what, I don't know or maybe litte Ee-Thern play with it yesterday and today RIP. Afterwards going to get Dearie Suki to pick it up and buried it outside the garden.

Last month I went to the nursery outside Ah Mah's house to get some flowers together with sis. I think this run in the family, both me ,sis and dad have green fingers. We loves gardening. I remembered when I was a kid, Dad will bring us to Sg Buloh to buy flowers. The last time me and sis went there is somewhere in Jan'07 before CNY and I was telling sis why not we make a trip again next month and go there sapu the flowers back. But apparantly sis told me there is no more nursery there and all shifted out due to some development inside. So got to forget about it.

Here I would like to proudly present to you My Garden At Home. ( hihihi... all the plants are planted by me no help from any helper ya ). Also added a few new plants I bought from the nursery.

Japanese Roses

I have been planting this Fatt Choy plant for the past 5 years, see how big they have grown.

Another type of Fatt Choy plant, used to shift this into the house for display on top the piano during CNY.

The small mini water fountain. This done by my Dearie Suki. Now no more gold fish in it liao, sigh. Got to go to the aquarium shop to get some fishes back.

Guppy fishes in another water pot. There are so many small babies guppies in it. But I think going to die soon if little Ee-Thern keep playing with the fishes with his hand into the water.

The 2nd time blooming for this lotus plant. Not easy to plant this lotus got to put fertilizer every 2 weeks.

This is another of water plant. I curi this plant from one of the restaurant's water flower pond. Luckily the owner didnt see it. If not really pai seh leh.

Ah ha, my Mint Leaves. Sometimes it could be quite useful when you need to use it. Just go and pluck it and you can add into your Assam Fish dish. I even have a pot of Curry Leaves at home and now trying my luck to plant Daun Kesom.

My whole group of aunties, yee ma ku cheh, my sis and me are crazy over Orchids. Bought a few pots back from the nursery and the flower really can last. Its been there in my garden for about a month and still blooming beautifully. I think orchids plant worth to buy but you need to put a lot of 'sam kei' in it.

The Orange and Yellow Daisies

Orange Hibiscus only for RM10 per pot. Worth to buy.

This plant the 'taukeh soh' recommended to me. It is called the Dancing Gold Fish Plant, what a name cos look at the orange flowers it looks like a goldfish.

Outside my house I planted the Bunga Kantan and Daun Pandan plant and my whole front portion looks like a jungle now. The plants grow so well and fat. Going to take a day off to clear off the front portion if not afterwards my neighbour will start to complaint.

That's all about my garden. Going to cook lunch for the kids.Headache, headache, don't know what to eat for lunch.


WokkingMum said...

Wow! All your plants are so nice!!
You got very green finger! :)

Sweetiepie said...

I like your plants and flowers because are good to look at.So beautiful.You really good in everything eh!

zooropa said...

U can breath fresh air every morning in the garden, so nice!


singairishgirl said...

Wow your plants are all so healthy looking. They would die under my care.

Cat Cat said...

Wah Sue Sue, you really got green thumb leh... Look at ALL your beautiful plants.... Great job.

Good luck on your PPP. They definitely pay you well..

Judy said...

What lovely healthy plants. Green finger and cooking thumbs!

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