Sunday, June 17, 2007

Malay Food For Dinner ?

Last Thursday we have Malay food at home since I have Petai and Ikan Keli in the fridge. I never come across this fish called Ikan Keli until when I was studying in UNI. This is because we used to go to the Cafeteria in our campus for lunch and as you know local university is all about Malay Food. So tried this fish and I love it so much and whenever I go to any Malay stalls for lunch now I will look for this fish.

I ask my Ah Mah, why she didn't buy this fish and cook at home before. You know what she tell me? This fish is actually a " Longkang Fish " and it is considered a cheap fish but for me it taste so good when you deep fried it and top over with sambal. It is just lovely.

This our dinner at home .... Malay food for change once in a while.

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