Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ladies Naughty Outing

Went out clubbing with my good 'ci mui' on Friday night after work and also we take this oppurtunities to celebrate PF's birthday. All of us decided to go Karaoke at Mid Valley. It is quite fun when all of us meet and we will laugh, chit chatting, doing stupid acts, talk nonsense and day dreaming.

Not going to write much cos now is almost 3.30 am and few more hours to go I need to wake up and go to the wet market to do my weekly marketing. So I hope the photos will show what we did that night.

To all 'Ci Mui' I know you gals are eagerly waiting for pictures cos Sam MSN me few hours ago. So here you go and have a good laugh. 'LOL'

The karaoke session come with a buffet dinner package at RM38.88 per person. Food is so, so only. Nothing to complaint cos all of us are too hungry. But our main objective that night is to sing only.

Me and Eve snap the first picture. Michelle enjoying the fried popiah wrapped with chicken floss and she is asking me why got rubberband on it. Michelle is not rubberband la. I think the brown string is Yee Mee.

My solo potrait. This picture was taken by Vivian. Nice shot my 'lou kong' said with my new hair colour. Hi hi hi....

PF, Sam, Eve enjoying their singing.

Happy Birthday to you, PF. How old are you ah? Is the candle correct ah? Joking only, pleaseeee don't get angry.

Given Vivian the task to buy a birthday cake for PF and she buy a Fresh Fruits Chiffon Cake from Bread Story. Nice cake Vivian..... Good Job !

Me the kepoh chi, take the honour to cut the cake and divide into 6. Just nice for all of us.
Sam and Eve, eh we haven't drink yet why so siau? If we really drink that night we much more siau I bet.
PF hope you like the hair clip we give you.

Look the ' siao char boh ' hugging each other and much more 'siao' go carpark also want to take picture. LOL

Left the place at about 1 am and reach home about 2 am. Really tired but we really enjoy ourselves.

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MeltingWok said...

WOww, you girls sure had fun :)) By the way, once you color your hair to brown/auburn, you'll never wanna look back to black hehe..I been having colors, and just had a cut and its all black now, I hate black argh..can't wait to get it colored again hehe :) By the way, you guys had a buffet ? Where's the food pix. ?? :P

Sue Sue said...

Yup is a buffet type but the food is sucks. That is why no food pix. I don't even dare to blog up the food is sucks cos this place is choosen by the Birthday Girl. I think is her favourite KaraOKe. So better keep my mouth shut !