Saturday, June 16, 2007

Emperor Chicken

This is the last whole kampung chicken in my fridge. Since dearie Suki is so scared with the bird flu virus, so I decided to cook the last chicken in my fridge. Dig from the freezer and found the chicken and a pack of the Emporer Chicken Seasoning.

This is another easy recipe for the busy mommy like me. You just need to marinate the whole chicken with the seasoning. Preferably overnight. Then wrapped up the chicken with the cling paper and the aluminium foil. After that put into the slow cooker and steam for 4 hours.

The aroma of the chicken is so nice and full with herbal aroma when you opened up the aluminium foil. Hubby Suki just love it.

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The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs-Team said...

Dear Busy Mommy,

How has the recent Bird-Flu outbreak in Malaysia, effected you and more importantly, your Chicken Recipes?