Sunday, June 17, 2007

Woof, woof....Doggy

Friday morning passed by South City Plaza and saw a big banner advertised there is a Dog Show on Saturday at the plaza itself. I told dearie hubby I am going to bring the kids for Dog Show and tell him to be prepared to wake up early. Since it is admission FREE and only 15 minutes drives from my house, so why not bring them there rather than going down to KL.

Saturday morning I get the kids to wake him up at 9.30 am and all of us changed and get ready to go.

My Ee-Thern is so excited cos this little boy loves DOG. But not for me and Le-Ann. I just hate dogs although it is cute but I don't know why. Told dearie Suki before "please no pet in the house especially those with fur". Maybe is because I am more worried that their fur will be all around the house and got to vacum the house everyday. I got no such time for taking care a dog.

Little Ee-Thern was so excited and he is kind of brave and dare to touch the doggy. I am so worried that the dog will bite him!

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MeltingWok said...

Okay, you're a mom, you work, you got kids, you're a good cook, and you got dogs too ?????? *hands down* many maids can you spare me here hehee ? :)

Sue Sue said...

Eh, I got no dog leh cos I hate dogs. My maid going back in Sept'07 and not planning to get one cos they give me a lot of headache. Soon I will become the maid too at home. Don't know whether can cope or not.hehehe