Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Durian Time !

I think durian season is round the corner cos I saw quite many stalls selling durian at the pasar malam. Last week I get dearie hubby to buy Durian cos I am telling him I am going to make one Durian Cake for him. ( hehehe... to celebrate Father's Day with him ).

He bought back 6 durians and these are the Kampong Durian and the flesh is simply creamy, sweet and got a bittery taste although colour is not so yellowish but taste wise is very good. Get him to opened up the durian and put everything in the container. I warned him not to touch the durian cos I am using it for baking this coming Saturday.

Aiyar... keep in the fridge and once I opened the fridge Le-Ann smelled it and keep pestering me that she want to eat 'Liulian'. Hide in the corner of the fridge also cannot cos the durian smell is too pungent. No choice got to give her the durian and guess what both of them finish half of the durian. There goes my Durian Cake and I got to plan for another recipe liao!

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm durian. Wish I can have some now. Can't find kampong durian here in US except for some frozen Thai durian.


Sue Sue said...

Hi Wan,

I still find durian kampong is the best. The Thai durian is not so nice and you can get all year round in the supermarkets.