Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Today we are celebrating Father's Day at Ah Ma's house. Some of you might think Father's Day this week meh ? Actually we are doing it one week earlier cos Sis will be going to Belgium next week with her hubby. So after our picnic at Sg Tekala Waterfalls all of us head on to Ah Ma's house.

We are having Steamboat for Father's Day and it is one of our family favourites. Dad and Mom prepared all the ingredients and that is why they are not following us to the Waterfalls.

Steamboat is one of my favourites. Every year without miss I will have Steamboat Open House during Chinese New Year. I just love the soup and all the fish balls. Yummy.....

I baked one Chocolate Cake for Dad yesterday night. I have frosted the cakes with Chocolate frosting. I hope he like it. Pa, we LOVE you !

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