Friday, June 1, 2007

Sweet Gourd Soup

At last I am back to normal and looking forward to cook for dinner. Just don't know why maybe too many things to think about last week in the office plus I am sick. Now is getting better.

Yesterday night made on simple soup out from Sweet Gourd and the Chinese call it 'Chit Kua' . Supposed to cook with beancurd but too lazy to fried the beancurd and end up into soup.

The kids love it so much especially little girl Le-Ann always like soup. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients :
2 Sweet Gourd, remove skin and cut into small pieces
Some tanghoon ( glass noodle )
1 egg
Some chopped garlic
2 cups of water
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp chicken stock granules

Method :
1. Heat oil in pan. Sautee garlic till fragrant.
2. Add in sweet gourd and stir-fry for 2 minutes.
3. Then add in the water and let it boil.
4. Add in salt and pepper to taste and then the chicken stock granules.
5. Once boil add in tanghoon and let in simmer for a while till the tanghoon become soft.
6. Break the egg into the soup and stir a little. Remove from the stove and ready to serve.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Would like to try out this soup but what is 'Chit Kua-Sweet Gourd'. I only know 'bitter gourd'.


Sue Sue said...

Dear Xin,

I've found from the web another name for Sweet Gourd is Loofah. You can get this from the wet market.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, tks for the info.