Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ah Girl .... Please

While I was taking some of my food shots, little Le-Ann saw my camera and keep playing with it. I also 'tak boleh tahan' liao cos she keep playing with it and act as though she also know how to use my digital camera. Feel like wacking her and as usual I will start nagging her...

"Ah girl spoilt already , please stop playing with my camera." Well, she the stubborn one pretend didn't listen to me and take my camera keep taking pictures till out of battery and memory. That's the only old junk camera I have, if rosak 'cham' liao got to invest a new one and cost money again. Better be 'FRUGAL' and I hate this word cos it is my BOSS favourite word. I wonder no other better words to use?

While I was downloading the photos from the camera just a moment ago and I found the photo that Le-Ann took not too bad leh. Quite a nice one so I decided to blog it before I delete.

Look at the pictures , 'ARTISTIC' leh. Good job Le-Ann! " LOL "

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