Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Hair Cut ?

This morning wake up bring the two kids to cut their hair cos Ee-Thern hair is too long. Reach the salon at 9.30 am and it's not open yet. So 4 of us go for breakfast at the kopitiam.

Havoc, havoc, havoc....... Little Ee-Thern spilt the whole glass of soya bean on me and Le-Ann refuse to let me feed her and wanted to use the chopstick by herself. Aiyor.... malu only so many people look at me .... Better eat faster and 'chau' faster ... NO EYE SEE !

After breakfast went to the salon and both of them had their hair cut done within 20 minutes and cost RM14.00. I was wondering why when I am young I didn't take up hairstyling course. I think can earn lots of money leh. You just need your hand skills instead of brain skills. Whether economy is good or not women's money is the easist to earn !

Luckily both of them behave well and sit down quietly and let the ' cheh cheh' cut the hair for them.

Ta......da..... their new haircut !

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