Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another Family Outing

Dearie Suki suggest to bring the kids to Zoo Negara today since its a holiday. So we adjourned to the Zoo at about 11 am and by the time we reach there the parking at Zone A is already full. Then hubby Suki drive to Zone B and luckily there are still ample parking but the Zoo is already full with people and poor Suki got to line up for about 20 minutes to get the ticket.

The last time I go to this Zoo is when I was about 10 years old which means for 21 years I have not step into our Malaysia Zoo. It is not cheap though and the entrance fee for adult is RM15/person and for kid from 3 - 12 years old is RM6/person.

To tell the truth it is not worth it to go there. Most of the cage are empty and there are no animals in it and the aquarium centre is lousy. I told dearie Suki it is better we go to A'Famosa Safari or the Langkawi Underwater World are there are much more things to see than this Zoo.

We hang around for about 2 hours and didn't managed to round the whole Zoo. At last we hop into the 'cho cho train' and let the train bring us cruise around the Zoo. Thought of having KFC for lunch but search around the whole Zoo eh... no more KFC and I think bankrupt la cos I heard there is hardly any visitor during the normal weekday. At last we went to McDonalds for lunch when we are on our way back home.

Reach home and the two kids refuse to sleep and since the weather is so hot and I let the kids swim in their portable mini swimming pool in the house compound.

This Ee-Thern really enjoying himself and some more know how to use the float and float on top of the water and keep kicking his leg as though he very ' pandai' swimming. hihihihi..... same goes to Le-Ann and both of them swim almost about an hour until I got to pour away all the water and chase them into the house.

Looking at them makes me feel happy but at times they can make you go mad !

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