Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pancake for the Kids

Overslept this morning ! Supposed to wake up early to finish up my business presentation but I just couldn't wake up cos yesterday night was watching K-Drama till late night. Don't care ! I will take my own sweet time to do it and lets not give myself so much pressure. Anyway the weekend is always fully occupied for my two kids.

Searching around the kitchen looking around what to cook for them. At first planning to cook "Mee Suah Soup " for them but yesterday night forgot to take down the chicken from the freezer. So forget about it and then make something simple for them .... Buttermilk Pancake using the Pillsbury Pancake Mix. Pretty easy to do just add water, mix it and there you go. I use 1 cup of the pancake mix flour and I get 5 pancakes. Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern have 1 each plus me 1 and left 2 in kitchen.
They ate it with Strawberry jam and looks like they like it a lot and then Le-Ann say to me "Mommy, take picture". I think she is used to it liao cos everytime I cook or doing other things I will snap pictures.

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