Sunday, May 20, 2007

Production Shooting at KDU

Saturday supposed to be at home but end up got to go and work because some last minute confirmation on product sponsorship for a reality game show. One of the production house called me up and proposed to me San Remo pasta product sponsorship on a reality game show and the cost is RM50,000 !!! End up I say no cos don't have so much fund available and manage to squeeze them to RM3,000 in cash and RM1,000 products in kind. Hehehe... 'keng leh' me squeeze until so little and it is a damn good deal !

They did the outdoor shooting at this KDU's Hospitality and Culinary School and I got no choice have to be there to make sure they really use my products. The host for this show is Aric Ho and Easy Chan..... a new actor and actress from those ' New Star Search' last year.

According to the producer this show will be aired on NTV7 from 2nd June'07 at 10.15pm. So remember oh to watch this programme I think it is called ' Champion Kitchen ' but my slot don't know in which episode leh ? Must check with the producer when are they going to air my section.

So boring alone there cos all the crew and host... weird weird one. Called Tania to come over to have a look since she is staying so near. Furthermore also a good exposure for freshies like her. Wah ... I thought she won't come but she really turn up. Both of us real excited and m real busy taking photos and I think those production crews must be thinking weakun' or 'its our father co.'

Aiyar... halfway taking photos my battery is out of order and luckily Tania got a camera phone and she help me to snap the scene until that host 'Aric Ho' so perasan thought we took his picture. ---> 'Hello small boy we kiasu one only take our products to show principal not taking you leh' ( I was mumbling to Tania )

Anyway I didn't stay till the end of the shooting cos got to rush back to pick up the kids from my babysitter house.

Some of the behind the scene shooting

After all, it is quite a good publicity for the pasta I am handling. Imagine I only pay RM4,000 and there will be about 200,000 viewers over at NTV7. So..... per reach is about RM0.02... eh buy one candy also RM0.20 already. So you think is it worth or not ? Off course yes lor !

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