Friday, May 4, 2007

Ah Lian ............ Le-Ann

Yesterday after work went to pick up the kids at about 7 pm. Once reach there both of them run out from Aunty house and....... OMG...... I saw Le-Ann wearing a new dress bought by Aunty ......really look like Ah Lian. Although she is cute but with that new dress ... yer ....very 'cheh kai' like Sri Kembangan big sister. Ha ha ha........ There goes my litte princess the high standard one become ...........

Once reach home both of them start watching their Barney cartoon. My little boy, really naughty playing with my umbrella at home and I remember the old people saying ' not to play umbrella in the house' cos pantang. Make me real angry.

After dinner, Le-Ann want to eat youghurt. So, I gave each of them one tub of CalciYum Grape Flavour Youghurt. Not too bad quite nice, Le-Ann really loves it a lot. My naughty little boy feed him one spoon and he run far far away and refuse to eat after that and showing me the sourish face expression. Really that bad meh..... Ah Boy ?

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seraphim1970 - Gen 金玉 said...

Your Ah Boy really so cute! :o)