Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grill Spare Ribs

Brought home some of the Kikkoman products from my company. Although the label is damaged but still can be used leh... some more this products is so expensive selling in the supermarkets.

Yesterday night I marinated 4 spare ribs and today I grill it when I reach home from office. Well , I am satisfied with the results and the ribs tastes so good and the meat is so juicy and tender after the grilling process in the oven. Plus the sauce is real good. Each of us have one ribs to enjoy tonight ( me, dearie hubby and my little girl Le-Ann finish one pork rib by herself ) and it was finger licking good.

As for the secret of the marination I actually uses :

Kikkoman Thick Teriyaki Sauce
Kikkoman Honey & Soy Sauce
Tabasco Chipolte
McCormick Meat Tenderizer

Then marinate the spare ribs overnight and grill in the oven at 200 degree celcius at 40 minutes. I also add a dash of parsley flakes on top of the ribs before I put into the oven.

Look at my little girl, happily enjoying the spare ribs and we eat till so clean. Left another one and hubby Suki say keep that for his dinner tomorrow. Looks like he also enjoy it and it would be nice if this can go along with a glass of red wine. Not bad huh, my grill spare ribs. Taste wise can compare with the Rib Shop in Damansara la I think but in term of food presentation cannot compare with them. Hihihi.........