Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Family Outing

Yippie..... its holiday today!
Me and sis plan where to go and finally decided to go Broga, Semenyih for Ikan Bakar lunch. Early morning about 9 am, me and the kids head back to Ah Ma's house. We waited for sis till about 11 am to reach Ah Ma's house to start our journey.

All of us go except for the 2 heads of the family ... i mean my brother in-law and my dearie hubby didn't join us. So left me, sis, 4 kids, mom and dad in 2 separate cars. From Ah Ma's house, it takes about 45 minutes to reach that so called ' Fishing Pond Restaurant'. Wah.. can't imagine such a small town got so many tourists visit there.

Reach that restaurant and ordered our lunch while the kids running around and poor me got to keep an eye on them cos scared they fall into the fish pond. All the dishes are BBQ inlcuding the green veg. Luckily we are early, after about 10 minutes, wow so many cars came in. You see la so 'ulu' place also got people know. For those who love green scenery well this is a place to recommend and something different whereby you can't find in KL or PJ.

We ordered 2 BBQ Kam Foong fish, nyonya style and cheong cheng style. Then one BBQ Duck and BBQ Lamb and one veg also BBQ. 8 plates of rice and 5 cans of soft drinks and the bill came out to RM82.00. Ok la not too bad but talking about the food SO, SO only leh. You just pay for the green scenery environment.

Something special about here is that the BBQ dishes didn't serve with a plate, instead it is served with newspaper!!!??? First time I see this. Anyway, 9 of us finish up all the foods and drinks.

After lunch we passed by a temple and they usually called it ' Sek Nah Tok' temple whereby a lot of gamblers go there and ask for 4 digit no. Talking about it, this is my mom favourite place for 4 digit no. We stop over and go down and my 2 kids plus Nicholas and Gladys are so happy and excited.

I didn't managed to go to the hill top cos weather is so hot and me and Ee-Thern hang around at the shady area. Then this Le-Ann the busybody one want to follow her Ah Yee for 'cheng cheng'.

After that we adjourned home. Half way going out we saw this Rabbit Farm and we stop to see what they have in there.

Once reach there, the kids off course excited again cos seeing rabbit like 'jakun kids' only. Its not free and you got to buy ticket to go in. At first that man say RM50 for all of us and we say better not to go then suddenly got discount 50% and we pay RM25 and all of us go inside the farm.

Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern really excited especially the small boy. Wah... Ee-Thern some more can shout at the rabbit and after awhile can chase the rabbit liao. Some more want to kick the rabbit. See la so naughty.

Le-Ann the scary head. At home so fierce but outside so scared. When she see the rabbit she u-turn and run away. Then Gladys and Nicholas as usual feeding the rabbit with food. But actually the whole farm is very smelly. Yuck!

The farm is surrounded with Durian trees but now is not in season so no durian to see. If I managed to find one tree with a durian I will definately show it to Le-Ann cos she is a durian lover. Everyday asking Daddy to buy durian. But Gladys found one small mini durian drop from the tree and asking me take a picture for her. The kids are so CUTE.......

Then we head back to Ah Ma's house again and on the way back Le-Ann and Ee-Thern is too tired and both of them Zzzzz in the car.

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