Monday, April 30, 2007

Fried Egg with Rice Wine

Our Sunday dinner is always something simple cos I am tired of cooking. Supposed to be a rest day for me and go out to eat at the restaurant. Due to both the kids refuse to take their afternoon nap at Ah Ma's house every Sunday so I got to eat at home. Reason is because once they reach home they will sleep till night so no point going out to eat with their moody face.

6th Kor gave me a bottle of homemade rice wine months ago. Since, I have ginger, I fried one egg and add in the ginger and rice wine. Wow... the aroma of the rice wine is so good and makes me think back during my confinement period I ate lots of this. Yum... yum... after eating this the body is full with sweat.

Ingredients :

1 egg

1 bowl of rice wine

Sugar to taste

Method :

1. Heat oil and some sesame oil in a pan. Fried ginger till fragrant and dish a side.

2. Fried the egg and add in 1 bowl of rice wine.

3. Add some sugar to taste and let it boil. Dish up and serve withe rice or mee suah.

' Ta Pau ' some curry chicken cooked by Aunty Swee Kee. This is the aunthentic Indian Curry and aiyo real oily leh. I was wondering why can't she reduce a bit of oil. Anyway it is very nice and I eat it with bread today.

Aunty Swee Kee's Chicken Curry

Then Suki request for fried fish and some more want with lots of fried ginger. So I fried one slice of Garoupa fish fillet.

Fried Garoupa Fish Fillet

Well this is my dinner and a simple one yet delicioussssssss!