Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salted Fish Head Curry

A quick one before I leave for my field work with my sales rep in Damansara and I am going to drop by at 'Bake with Yen' to buy some baking stuff. Well, that's the beauty of my job sometimes can ' snake a bit' ... hihihi

My baby sitter Ah Yoke Cheh, gave me " Mui Heong Salted Fish" when she went to Kuantan last year. Last Sunday, I was cleaning the fridge with my maid and found this in the fridge. So yesterday decided to cook 'Salted Fish Head Curry' with vegetables.

I remember when I was a kid, my Ah Ma used to cook a big pot of ' Vegetables Curry' and lots of 'si hum @ cockles ' in it for a big group of us at home. ( I mean me, sis, fellow cousins, uncle and aunty ). Wow, it is so delicious and I miss her cooking cos she is too old now to remember her secret recipes.

Yesterday night dinner was a funny one. Suki ask me over dinner is it I follow the recipe from the ' Hawkers Fair Recipe Book' and I keep quiet and say yes to him, but in actual fact I am using the Maggi Fish Head Curry Paste which is just launched in the market. ' LOL' . Then I ask him why and he say delicious and I am so happy ( cos perasan la ) and I think is because I am using salted fish and makes the curry is very aromatic.

Here is the recipe :

Ingredients :
500 gm fish head / meat ( I use salted fish )
300 gm vegetables ( I use long beans, brinjal and cabbage )
Some chopped onions
Some ginger, cut into strips
2 sprigs curry leaves
2 cups of water
1/2 can of evaporated milk ( approximately 200gm )

Method :
1. Heat some oil in a pan. Then fry onion, ginger, curry leaves and the Maggi fish curry paste till fragrant.
2. Then add in the water and the evaporated milk and let it boil.
3. Once boiled, add in vegetables and the salted fish head.
4. Simmer for 1/2 hour or till all the vegetables is cooked.

Note :
* The recipe actually call for 'santan' but I substitude with evaporate milk cos it is more healthy.
* I also added in some ' Fu Chok ' skin because Suki don't take green vegs. You can also add in ' Tau Pok' if you like.
* I didn't add any salt to it because the salted fish is already salty.

The ingredients

Maggi Fish Head Curry Paste

Mui Heong Salted Fish

Fry ingredients till fragrant

Waiting for the curry to boil

Add in all the vegs and fish head

Yummy, ready to serve

After the dinner its time with the kids. Little Ee-Thern got a new hair cut yesterday. Wow, he is so ... handsome boy. ' LOL'

Mommy & Ee-Thern & Le-Ann

Ee-Thern with his new 'Army Hair Cut'

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