Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Got Con !!!

It rains again this evening. I really hate it when it rains just before you are off from work. Today supposed to go pasar malam to by some veg for this week, but ended up back to home due to the heavy rain.

Bought some mangoes from the pasar malam last Tuesday and 'shit' got conned by the pasar malam man. The mangoes is not ripe after one week left in the my kitchen. 'OMG' what a waste if i throw it away. I remembered the day when I was having my 2nd pregnancy and I crave for mangoes. Used to go to my Ah Ma house on every Sunday and there is a mango tree right next to my uncle house and without miss every week I will have one mango dips with soya sauce mixed with chilli padi and sugar.

Without wasting the mangoes I make some mango jeruk since I have some chilli padi pick from my herbs garden.

This is how I prepare the pickled mango.

Ingredients :
2 unripe mangoes, cut and sliced into thin pieces
4 tbsp vinegar
1/2 cup warm water
2 tbsp sugar
Some chilli padi, cut into small pieces

Method :
1. Mix the above ingredients together and store in an airtight glass bottle.
2. Keep in the fridge.


Thinking of what to cook tonight, I marinated some chicken tigh with turmeric/kunyit powder, ginger and onion pounded to get the juice, and some sugar yesterday night. During my confinement period, the aunty who used work for me cook this dish for my dinner. The chicken was marinated overnight and then it was panfried with some oil till cock on both side. Then cut into small slices and serve with chilli sauce.

My hubby, Suki tried this during my confinement days and he says taste a bit like chicken satay but it is not as sweet as the satay we eat outside.

Marinade overnight

Panfried with a bit of oil till cook.

Reach home this everning and the 'Poh Poh' staying opposite my house give me a bowl of potato curry cooked with stingray fish. What a nice old lady always give me foods whenever she cook something special. It is a bit spicy though. I was wondering whether she does any catering for dinner cos my maid is leaving this Sept'07 and have not decide whether to take a new one or not. Without a maid I don't think so I can manage to cook everynight after work so better look for one caterer now on standby. ' LOL '

Potato and Stingray Fish Curry

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