Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot Sunday Afternoon

Today 3 of us ( me, Le-Ann and Ee-Thern ) went back to Ah Ma house in the afternoon. Today is a bit boring cos no one around in Ah Ma house except for my sis and her 2 kids. Mom is not back cos she went back to 'Kalumpang' for Cheng Meng, left dad alone at home with all of us.

The weather is hot and humid in the afternoon and all of us cramped into Faye's room cos only her room got an air-con. After that there comes Joe, Faye and Vonnie into the room reading papers, playing the toys and talking nonsense and gossiping the whole afternoon. Joe as usual playing with little Le-Ann and I think both of them have the same chemistry----> making funny faces.

What a bad day and I am having bad headache and feel like vomitting the whole day. Then this fat boy, Joe playing with my handphone and start snapping pictures with Le-Ann and try to make funny faces together. Look at them also feel like laughing all the way out.

Didn't stay long in Ah Ma house and went back at about 3 pm cos the 2 kids refuse to sleep and it is so damn HOT! Reach home put them to sleep and myself take 2 Actifast Panadol and then Zzzzzzzzzzzzz