Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Sunday !!!

Both kids wake up and I fried some fries for breakfast. Le-Ann & Ee-Thern happily finish up a plate of fries with lots of tomato ketchup. Wow... I think they really enjoy it until Ee-Thern told me ' Mama, good ' ... Oh so cute my little boy.

After that, both take bath and are ready to head back to Ah Ma's house.

There are lots more merrier in Ah Ma's house today compared to last week. Today sis, me, the kids, dad and mom were in Ah Ma's house early. While Ee-Thern is sleeping in the sarong, we sneak out to Bintang to do our monthly grocery. Spend RM42.03 in Bintang and the kids ... Le-Ann, Gladys & Nicholas happily running around in the supermarket and trying sampling at the dairy section while me, sis and mom busy looking around what item is on promotion. You see la 3 of us together really become ' si lai ' keep comparing prices.

While shopping half way and I didn't realize where on earth the 3 little kids find a child car trolley. The most happiest one is Le-Ann cos she is the one got to sit in it and the 2 big one pushing her around in the supermarket.

After Bintang went back and 6th Kor was there and she brought us some 'Sour & Spicy Kai Choi'. Then Aunty Swee Heong and Aunty Swee Kee drop by and Aunty Swee Kee brought one big pot of her speciality dishes.... Chicken Curry. Wow hers one is the real aunthentic Indian Curry Chicken. Me the kiasu one quickly take one container and 'ta pau' some back to house so that I no need to cook tonight.

Then Ah Pek and 4th Kor & family come. I was preparing to go back cos Le-Ann & Ee-Thern refuse to sleep and drag my time again cos ' 8 ' with 4th Kor for about 1 hour until Le-Ann told me " Mommy, I want oi oi ".

What a Happy Sunday and I wish every Sunday is like today.