Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Prince Turns Into A Frog

After watching so many times of the 'Shaggy Dog' movie finally the VCD ' koyak'. Now both the kids are turning into Taiwainese Drama and they are watching the drama called ' The Prince Turns Into A Frog' . Especially Le-Ann, she is so into it and every night she will watch the movie till 12 midnight. Aiyor... I also pening kepala.

At first I told my sis I don't quite like the movie and still prefer K-Drama but after a few episodes I quite kind of like it. Funny show leh and laugh till I want to drop. Comparing the K-Drama and T-Drama, the actors in K-Drama more handsome. Then K-Drama more romantic and will make you cry, sob sob... every time when they have those sad scene.

Both the kids, sometimes they will laugh while watching this movie. But dangerous leh, some episodes got kissing scene and guess what ? My ah girl once see the kissing scene she will hide and smile quietly. Aiyor... cham liao leh this is 18SX movie leh. How ah, so small already so naughty.

Look this is my SMART boy. Yesterday midnight I wack him. Why ? He slept at 9.30 pm then wake up at 2.30 am asking for milk. Then refuse to sleep and insist me to on the Barney cartoon. OK, I on it and he watch the cartoon till 5 am and playing by himself and suddenly he come and kacau me and wake me up cos he want to go out from the room.

Wah, I really angry and scolded him, off the VCD and off the light and I go to sleep cos that time it rains heavily outside and it is so nice to sleep. Suddenly this small boy kacau me pulak.

As usual he cry, and cry and cry and I don't want to bother him. Finally he slept and I was out from the house to work at about 8 am and three of them ( Daddy, Le-Ann & Ee-Thern ) still soundly asleep. Really mah fun, my company today got to attend Sales Meeting some more is Saturday.

My boy is getting smarter and smarter. In the kitchen he use my Tupperware container to reach the sink. Now in my study hall, he turn the rubbish bin upside -down and stand on top of it to reach the printer. You see la, nowadays kids are so SMART and NAUGHTY......