Friday, April 13, 2007

At Home Today

What a sunny morning. I was on leave today and taking care of the kids at home cos my baby sitter ' balik kampung '. As usual the 2 kids wake up at 7 am. For god sake, why can't they let me sleep longer when I am not working! :(

Both brushing teeth

So, no choice got to wake up. Both brush their teeth and asking me to bring them out for a walk. Drove the car out with them and buy 'STAR' newspaper at the 'Ah Neh' stall. Hopefully, today paper got job for me.

Reach home and the kids ride their bicycles at the car porch and as usual me ' 8 ' around with my friendly neighbour about kids, gossipping around, and bla, bla, bla ....... I was wondering why these aunties so good life and no need to work. I wish I am one of them. Then I did some gardening and find one unexpected guest in my garden at the 'bunga kantan' plant. A 'Monitor Lizard' and I quickly run into the house to take my camera to snap a picture of it.

Mr Monitor Lizard

After 1/2 an hour both of them is like ' Lor Muah' and so smelly and their body is full with sweat and I 'beh tahan' bring them up for a shower.

After shower is makan time. I cooked fish porridge for them and both eat one big bowl of porridge. While they lazying around and have their 'Bibinah' actually is RIBENA, I quickly go to my kitchen and have a cup of ' Kopi O', without that I can't work la.

Having their porridge

Both lazying around

Ee-Thern having his ' Bibinah'

Le-Ann lazying around

Florida's Natural Nuggets

Both kids finish one pack of Florida's Natural Fruit Juicy Nuggets. Quite nice, not to bad. One pack cost me RM4.99 and it's only 43gm and found this at Cold Storage, Ikano. On the pack they claims :

  • Made from 66% real fruit puree and juices
  • All natural flavours
  • 100% Vitamin C
  • 8 Vitamins and Minerals
  • No artificial colors and preservatives
  • Fat free and no trans fat
  • Nut free
  • No gelatine

So anyone going to US, can help me buy this back ?

While the two kids still playing by themselves, I sneak into my store room to check what I have. Saw the Betty Crocker's goody bag I get from my PD trip. There is this Old El Paso, Fajita Dinner Kit in the goody bag and I was thinking to make this for my lunch. Inspecting around the box and yer ......... its 'NEAR EXPIRY STOCK'. Why so ' cheh kai' one , all the items in the goody bag is near expiry items, so must finish it within next month.

Used By : 27 May 2007

Hubby Suki, is leaving for work in the afternoon and little girl, Le-Ann was crying cos want to follow Daddy. I am damn angry cos she cry non-stop and the whole block can hear her, so bring both of them up in the room, on the air-con, on their favourite movie 'Shaggy Dog', and have a few round of scolding from me and finally they are asleep.

Finally, Zzzzzzzzz

Pheww...... it is not easy to become a 'Stay At Home Mom' - SAHM which I always dream off. My second thought is, better go back and work in the corporate world.

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