Friday, April 13, 2007

Decorated Choco Muffin

Hi, I am back again with the decorated choco muffin. It is not easy though to frost the icing on the muffin. Must got a lot of patience to do it. No wonder those that Cuppacake selling is so expensive.....

Here is my version of decorated cupcake.

The Choco Muffin is ready to be frosted. I actually cut off the to p part of the muffin so that it is at same level.

Frosted muffin with vanilla buttercream icing.

Mixed 1/3 of the vanilla buttercream icing with your desired colour.

Start decorating

Ta.....Da..... A decorated muffin with heart shape sugar

Decorated muffin with silvered sugar


The buttercream didn't really survived. After a while it melted and I quickly keep it in the fridge. I was wondering what is the culprit behind and get to my computer and start searching in the baking forumer site and finally found it. Its the icing sugar.

The recipe require 4 cups of icing sugar which is 1 kg and I actually halved it cos it is too sweet. Buttercream require more icing sugar because it needs a stiff consistency to shape the design on the cupcake and furthermore the shape will last longer. So now I know, why the cake that I purchased from Doreena's sister is so sweet especially the icing on top of the cake.

So fellow cousins and friends who read my blog, do you think my cupcake can sell ah ? Must look for a part time job to earn more money liao! ' LOL'