Friday, April 6, 2007

Soups, Soups,Soups...

Reach home almost 9pm today and I am tired cos went to PWTC to do 3 booths set-up with my merchadisers for the coming big kids event aka Smart Kids Fair 2007. This is the 5th year we've been participating and it's kind of boring when you handle it for the 5th year. A lots of follow-up to do to make sure all POS and Display Materials is there for the set-up.This makes me think of my ex-collegue which I used to work with her, Ms Mak ( all of us MISS you, leh ) who helps me to get things done without any worries. I think the management should look at others Product Manager to take lead of this event in the coming years.

Poor Suki, he got to pick the kids from the baby sitter place and dinner...... eat left over food from the fridge. I boiled soup yesterday, so today is just reheating and there he goes with his rice. I saw some fried luncheon meat on the table and he must be getting the maid to fried the luncheon meat for him.

The Chinese saying, a complete Chinese meal must have a bowl of soup to complement with it. At home I used to boil soups at least twice a week by using chicken bones and sometimes pork rib. Hubby Suki is quite picky at food and he only drink 4 types of soups. After 6 years boiling the same thing, I get sick of it and the 4 types of soups will be on rotation every week. Hopefully my kids will not be like him so picky and better follow mommy foot steps -> Eat whatever is served to you. ( That's me ) ' LOL'

Menu of the week
1. Lotus Root, Peanuts & Red Dates Soup
2. ABC Soup
3. Kiam Chai Soup with Tofu
4. Chinese Herb Soup with Kampung Chicken

Yesterday night we had Lotus Root, Peanuts & Red Dates Soup. Quite a big pot though and I use slow cooker to boil the soup before I left for work. Looking at my slow cooker it was given by my dad 6 years ago. A second hand slow cooker, quite run down, 'chap plang' brand but still can be used and quite handy cos it's small and just nice to boil soup for the 3 of us at home. The knob on the cover has chipped off and I wonder how my 'CLEVER' maid wash the cover.

Today, I used the slow cooker again to cook Stewed Chicken Feet with Mushroom. Search through my freezer and saw the chicken feet in a container. It's been quite some time in the freezer and only I remember I bought it from the Pudu market before Chinese New Year. So I tried my Aunty Ah Choo's recipe- her version of 'agak-agak' recipe but turn out quite similar to hers except for the way she cook it on the stove and mine with slow cooker ( that's how a lazy mommy cook at home )

Ingredients :
500gm Chicken Feet ( bought from wet market )
30 pcs of Mushroom ( soak in hot water till soft )
Some ginger, cut into slices
1 whole garlic, remove the skin
3 tbsp Maggi Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Maggi Chicken Concentrate Stock
Some water, sesame oil, salt and sugar to taste
Constarch for thickening

Method :

1. Heat oil in wok. Sautee ginger and garlic till brown. Then add in mushroom and stir fry for a while.
2. Add in chicken feet and cover with water.
3. Season with sesame oil, salt and sugar.
4. Then add in oyster sauce and chicken concentrate stock. Let it boil for about 15 minutes and then transfer it to a slow cooker. Slow cook in a slow cooker for about 4 hours lastly before serve thicken with cornstarch.

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