Monday, April 2, 2007

Back from PD Trip

Reach home this morning and what a tiring day. We started our journey on Friday morning and stop over at Seremban for fish ball noodle soup. We ordered an extra bowl of fish ball and fuchok and we finished up everything. Yummy !

Reach hotel at about 1 pm and weather is very sunny, hot and humid. We straight away head to the meeting room and by 4pm I am so boring and feel like Zzzz. Finished up 2 bars of muesli bar to keep myself from falling asleep at the back of the meeting room.

Meeting finished at about 6 pm and we had our BBQ dinner at our hotel. The night past so fast and I slept at 11.30pm and didnt manage to join the group for gambling session with the big BOSS!

The next morning we started our meeting early at 8.30am. The highlight of the day is to launch a new product under the brand Pillsbury. Too bad I didn't get the chance to handle the brand. "sigh" :( During tea-break the Dough Boy mascot appear and something that can cheer me up again. We have a photo session with the mascot and will keep that for rememberance.

Meeting end early at 5pm and we straight away head to the beach side for tele-match game. Everyone have fun and laughing all the way seeing silly colleagues playing with the games.

We had our dinner at the Garden Seaview Restaurant and its HALAL. Food is not too bad but the portion is a bit too small for the 10 of us. We added extra plate of noodle and mantis prawns and this was paid by my good friend I mean my colleague, Martyn bro from over the sea ... ha Sabah la. .
My favourite was the Marmite Prawn and Crab, it is so delicious till finger lickin good. As usual the groups " YAM SENG" all the way till some of them are drunk.

The night is still young we adjourned to the discotheque at the ground floor of the hotel and again we " Boogie" and 'Yam Seng" all the way till 2 am. What a fun day and everyone of us enjoy ourself and looking forward to have such an occasion again. As for me, can't wait to go back to see my two kids at home. Wonder whether they behave themself or not when mommy is not around at home?

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