Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome to the 30's

Sorry 'ci mui' for the delayed post cos at that point of time still exploring how to do a blog.

Welcome Michelle to the 30's group. Time flies so fast and we used to be house mate, room mate,uni mate, course mate and also my car mate. Now we have our own family and career and not much time to meet up except through phone calls and emails.

Celebrated Michelle birthday at Dorsett Hotel on the 24th and have the high tea buffet from 12pm till 4pm. We laughed, chat and makan all the way till the buffet ends. Thanks to Evelyn, my good friend from Penang who organize this gathering. Hope we can have more gathering outside besides the one we did in my house so I can take a off day to take care my kids and can gila and drink all the night with you 'ci mui' . I think this is my 2nd gatherings held outside this year with you ppl ( one is my birthday at LaLa Chong and Michelle's birthday ).

Whose next then ? -> Pooi Fong, Nicky, Sammi, Eve ?

6 sekawan supposed to be 7. Nicki didn't show up.

Vivian & Pooi Fong are new to our group. Meet them during Chingmai Trip 2006

3 of us are course mate in Uni

Sammi is Michelle's Sis

4 of us from the same Uni, always ponteng class

Happi Birthday 2 U

The future 'TaI tAi' is our ambition now !

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