Saturday, April 7, 2007

Busy Weekend !

Today is an extremely busy weekend for me. Saturday supposed to be a relax day but today is full of things to do. Both kids wake up at 6.30 am and by 9 am both of them are ready to go to Sunway Hospital. While waiting for Suki, Le-Ann & Ee-Thern play with their toys and messed up the whole living room. Arrgh.... how angry am I and got to clean up their mess !

Messy Living Room

Brougth Ee-Thern to Sunway Hospital in the morning for his vaccination. Reach Sunway Hospital about 10 am and waited till 12 pm then only its Ee-Thern's turn. While waiting, the 2 kids enjoy themself in the play room. The room is full with kids and I am so worried that they will fight with the other kids in the room. So got to stay with them and make sure they behave themself.

Sunway Kids Play Room

After Sunway Hospital, brought Le-Ann for music class in Yamaha Music School. Wanted to bring her long time ago but Suki did not agree with me because according to him she is too young and think it might waste of money. But after a few persuasion from me, finally he agreed and we bring her for a FREE trial class. At first she is a bit shy and scared and don't dare to step to the front of the class to dance. After a few singing and dancing session, there she goes singing and dancing along with the teacher and other students in the class. Phew.... I am really stressed out and worried if she can't follow the session. (Really a KIASU Mommy)

Le-Ann's first music book

So, finally enrol her for the Music Kids for children age 3 - 5 years old. The music fees cost me a bomb. Per term is RM251 plus the music books is RM111.70 and total is RM362.70. Even my University's fees is not as expensive as this. Imagine how lucky is today's child, they got the best and use the best from us.

Total RM362.70

Suki came over to pick us up from South City Plaza after Le-Ann's class. Once reach home, the little girl and boy slept cos too tired. Now, its my time to do my things. I did some gardening while the two kids asleep. Re-plant the flowers into a bigger pot and trying to appreciate my herbs, my flowers and leaves plant and also my guppy fishes in the water pot.

Little Garden at Home


While daddy take bath for the kids, I am busy in the kitchen to cook 3 simple dishes for dinner. We had fried rice from yesterday leftover rice, stir fry french beans and Kong Pow fish slices. Bought the shark fish fillet from the wet market last week and supposed to use for the kids poriddge but it is not so tasty so I used it for Kong Pow. The next round will never buy this fish for the kids porridge, better stick too 'Mah Yau' fish or 'Shek Pan' fish although it is a bit $$$.

Fried Rice with Anchovies

Kung Pow Fish Slices

Dinner for Two ?

Suki brought back 2 durians from the durian stall outside our house and I think he is crazy to pay RM22.00 for it. After dinner is 'Durian Dessert' time. Little Le-Ann is enjoying her durian with daddy in the kitchen and even give me a thumb's up post while I was taking photograph for her. Aiyo,.... so naughty.

Golden Durian Cost RM22.00 for this !

Yummy, So good

Thumbs Up

Good Night, I am going to Zzzzzz

That's the end of my Saturday and I am going to put the kids to bed. Well it is not easy to become a 'Mommy' with so many things to do. How I wish I can enjoy my Saturday with my friends at the shopping mall ( Yam Char and Window Shop ) !!!

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