Thursday, April 5, 2007

2 little monsters VS 1 mommy

Arrghhh.... very angry with my 2 little monsters at home. Hubby Suki bought back a VCD by the tittle "Shaggy Dog" and both Le-Ann & Ee-Thern has been watching that movie every night before they go to bed. The usual 8 - 10 pm TV slot has been taken by the kids. It is used to be my K-Drama slot time and now it's theirs. Ohhh... how long am I going to wait for them to get bored with that movie. After that time 10 - 12 am is Suki time for watching the AXN channel. Finally poor me, starting only at 12 midnight onwards. I think I have been watching K-Drama till 3 am in the morning for the past 2 weeks. Must drink " Brands Chicken Essence " liao to charge up my battery.

Thanks to my elder sis who recommend me so many movies. She is also crazy about it plus my fellow colleagues in the office every one is talking about K-Drama. It is like a trend in office that everyone is talking about Korean, learn Korean language, eat Korean food, crazy about Korean actor, Korean singer "Hujan" I mean Rain la and many more, you name it they have it.

I have just finish one K-Drama recently and now waiting to see another title. The song that I upload in my blog " One Love " is from the movie Spring Waltz. Very romantic and touching oh, a MUST WATCH and rated 5 *****.

Coming back to the kids, Suki bought a new aquarium and bicycles for Le-Ann & Ee-Thern. Both are so excited on their new pet, the Goldfish. Every morning Le-Ann will want to on the aquarium light and see all her fishes swimming around and Ee-Thern wil follow what ever his sis do.

For the bicyles that Daddy bought for them, Ee-Thern legs is too short and cant't ride the bicycle only sit on it for show only. Le-Ann.... at first she is a bit scared to ride it but after a few try and guidance from daddy, wow now she is like F1 can even make a "8" turning at 100km/hr and even let go her hand. She is kind of brave I think.

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