Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grandpa Birthday Dinner

We had our dinner at Tien Tein Seafood Restaurant in Sunway to celebrate Grandpa Birthday and I think he is about 90+ yrs old . I've been working around that area for about a year and didn't realize this restaurant is so near to my office and all the while I thought it is a foodcourt. The food is not too bad and quite big portion. The bill came out to about RM700+ for 2 tables.

This is what we have for dinner. It is a 8 course dinner and the first dish which is the 'Birthday Noodles', I didn't manage to take picture cos I forgot about it... too hungry!

The kids are enjoying themselves. Ee-Thern the naughty one, running around in the restaurant. Le-Ann behave herself and finish up whole plate of noodles. My nephew and niece, Nicholas and Gladys, the cute one playing around with Ee-Thern and Le-Ann.

That's me and Suki and the kids. The 1st, year 2007 family photo!