Monday, April 16, 2007

I'll Be Away

I will be away from tomorrow onwards till Thursday, 19th April'07. I will be going up North with my fellow colleague, Darren cos my lady boss give us one very 'BIG TASK' to do. You know what ? I got to go and indentify wholesaler to sell my San Remo Pasta in Penang. What the hell is all this? Is this my job to do it?

This is the culture of my company ---> Pay you 100 and must work 101 for them.... Anyway, think 'POSITIVE' ! I will treat this trip as a holiday trip to Penang and meet up my fellow Northern Team Colleague , go out and enjoy good food in Penang, shop around during my field visit, buy 'Tau Sar Peah' and off course 'SNAKE' a bit lah... Ha ha ha ha

See you then and I will not up-date my blog till I come back on Friday.