Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where to go ?

Yesterday was having the monthly meeting in the office the whole day. As usual reach home about 6 pm after the meeting and the two kids was having cough and flu. After both of them eat the medicine, it was suppose to be sedative and I thought both will sleep quite early and I can watch my T-drama but both of them are so active and lively after that.

Le-Ann and Ee-Thern was begging dearie Daddy to bring them out for 'kai kai' and finally bring them to Alamanda, Putrajaya the nearest to my house. Hang around at TOY CITY to see toys and as usual both will get excited to the toys and I will start saying " SEE ONLY NO BUYING "

Look how happy both of them once we reach there. My little boy is real naughty and want to walk by himself and would not let both me and dearie Suki to hold his hand. I was thinking if one day he lost in the shopping mall, what will be my first reaction? I think I will go hysteria first!

An influence from the movie MARS, and Ee-Thern and Le-Ann come across this bike at TOY CITY and insisted me to take down for them to sit on it. Little Ee-Thern keep saying ' Mama, Kor Kor bike ' and he is referring to the movie MARS - Vick Zhou aka Chen Ling riding his racing bike. Both me and Suki feel tempted to buy this for him cos he is so cute sitting on it and looks like ' pai kin nah '. When I look at the price tag - RM299 and got discount 20%. Better not to buy cos so expensive and we go away from that area becauseI know if all of us still hang there for another 10 minutes and I bet dearie Suki will buy this for him. So better 'ciao' !

Went over to Carrefour and I tell myself not to buy anything but still end up spending RM65.00 for foods and we buy all the unessary junk food, Korean instant noodle and off course Suki favourite durian !

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