Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Teowchew Porridge

My two kids is down with fever last Sunday and didn't go back to Ah Ma's house. Furthermore the weather is extremely HOT ! We had Teowchew Porridge for dinner cos it is easy to prepare.

I remember before we get married both of us ( me and dearie Suki ) used to drive down to Pudu to have the famous Teochew Porridge for supper. The things that I like most is there are so many varieties of side dishes to choose but the bill will come out not cheap also leh. Hubby Suki always loves the diced fish with black beans, the fried luncheon meat is a must for him to go with the plain porridge.

So this is my Teochew Porridge at home. Guess if I have these at the Pudu Famous Teochew Porridge the bill will be definately be more than RM20.00 !

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