Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reward for ah girl ....

When come to Monday I will have pressure and stress cos need to bring Le-Ann to music class at night. Not only I have to rush back from office at 5.15pm sharp and prepare dinner for dearie Suki but is because this little girl don't concentrate in the class.

The first two lessons she is enjoying herself in the class and following what the teacher say but after that every Monday is like hell to me. Once the class start she will start saying ......

" Mommy I wan oi oi (sleep) "
" Mommy dun wan learn "
" Mommy out pleaseeeeee "
" Mommy I wan sweet "
" Mommy carry " and the list goes on...........................

Want to stop the lesson also cannot cos already pay for the full term fees. So I 'mati mati' also must let her finish this term.

Hubby Suki fetch us to the music school and before we get down from the car, both father and daughter talk in the car and another words the daddy lecturing his small little girl to behave herself and must follow what the teacher teach her. I cross my finger hard so that she will listen this time.

Really works woh.... she is following the lesson and behave herself well. You know why cos her daddy promise her if she behave she will have ice-cream tonight.

This girl really remember what her daddy promised to give her and today she is asking for the ice-cream from him. So cannot 'tipu' her and gave her one Cornetto ice-cream and she is happily eating it with her brother.

I hope she will behave herself next week so that I no need to go through those stress every Monday and in another words I think I am a 'KIASU' mommy !