Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Anything For Supper?

" Anything for supper?". This is my Dearie Suki's favourite phrase when he stays up till midnight and he will come and wake me up for food! Arrgh.... I want to Zzzzzz....

We used to go out for supper before we have the 2 kids. I just miss the time when both of us go out at odd hours like 2 am to look for food. We usually will go for Mamak or having the 'Teochew Porridge' at Pudu, the 'Dim Sum' at Jalan Ipoh or the 'Claypot Lou Sue Fun' at Petaling Street. Those were the times and now I miss it so much. I just wish my kids grown up now and both of us can get back to what we used to do.

Come back to what I have for him for his supper. Dearie Suki loves potato so much. So I make him a 'Jacket Potato' topped with Heinz Baked Beans. Arrgh... forgot the chesse toppings. This is easist though besides from instant noodles.

Search through the fridge and marinated some chicken wings with the newly launch 'McCormick Buffalo Wings' seasoning. Thanks to my colleague, TCH for giving me a pack of this sample to try out at home. Baked the chicken wings in the oven for about 40 minutes and make some potato salad to go with it. I was telling Dearie Suki, too bad he don't drink, if not it would be nice to go with beer. Nevertheless, he still enjoys the buffalo wings with a glass of cold Shandy. LOL

I could say it is GOOD and CONVENIENT to use but come to pricing it is a bit pricey. Well, 'CHEAP THING NO GOOD, GOOD THING NO CHEAP' and this is my Big Boss favourite phrase when we start to complaint the product is very pricey.


Cat Cat said...

Those chicken wings looks good. I have never tried McCommick seasoning. Must try now!

Judy said...

What? You woke up to make your husband baked potatoes? Takes a long time to bake, does it not? I normally put mine in the oven for an hour and a half.

The chicken wings looks good. Over here, if I want hickory flavoured bbq chicken, I get the premarinated frozen ones and bbq them. Your boss's slogan is good lei! Hehehe.

Bento Pet said...


Thanks for linking me. I've linked you on my site too. I hope you find the directions to the 100 Yen shop useful from the response on my site.

Cheers and Happy Buying!

Sue Sue said...

Mesti try oh!For ppl like us working mothers, I think this is convenient.

Yes lor. He very troublesome one. It takes about 45 mins. I usually chuck everthing into the oven and I start blogging while waiting for the potato to cook.

Bento Pet,
Haven't go and search for it yet. Quite busy lately and there is a lot of travelling. Will search for it one day.