Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kids Bento For Lunch

Finally I get my 'butts' up to experiment with the Bento Accessories which I purchased online sometime ago. This morning, me and little girl preparing the cute lunch bento in the kitchen and the little KPC help me in arranging the foods on the plate.

Look this is what I have come out with for the 2 small babies at home.

Steamed sweet corn and endanmme beans, strawberries for dessert, rice moulded with the bear mould and Le-Ann help me to sprinkle the Furikakae seasoning on top of it. First time I am using the wiener mould. On the right is crab hot dog shape and left is the tulip flower. And finally I make the tamago. ( Gosh, I am not good in memorizing the names in Japanese hopefully I get it right. I love Japanese food but didn't bother to remember the names. )

Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern enjoy their lunch so much and finished up their meals. Little girl loves the strawberry and she even take Ee-Thern share.

Not forgetting the big baby at home. I made some sushi for him using crabstick since I only have crabsticks in the fridge. Anyway he finished up the whole plate of sushi.


Lia said...

hi am new here, ur bento looks attractive :)

Sue Sue said...

Hi Lia,
Thanks for dropping by.

Judy said...

Nice wor, I also bought ingredients yesterday to make sushi....wise ladies think alike! Hehehe

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, you really 'yau sam kei' to prepared these for your kids. This way the kids get excited looking at the beautiful food and eat more.

Dancing Queen said...

Mmm.. I see also lau hau sui! You really 'yau sum kei' like what icook4fun said. Like that which kid doesn't want to eat lunch wor! :D

jane said...

Ur babies so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I want to sayang and play with them!!!!!!

oh and ur bento....... lucky babies!!! wahhaa if only i were ur kid!!! lol!

Kok said...

The bento looks good but your sushi seems nicer!:P

Sue Sue said...

Hihihi, saw ur California rolls looks good leh.

Wan & Dancing Queen,
Where got 'yam sam kei' yesterday mood is a bit good so do for the kids lor.

Off course you can sayang them. Kids nowadays are lucky. I think u r lucky too.

Thanks oh!