Friday, August 10, 2007

My Short Vacation

Few more hours to go I am going for a short weekend vacation with my 'Ci Mui' again this year. This round we have 5 of us Michelle, Sam, VV, PF and me. 4 of us confirmed very much earlier and we booked our air ticket something like 5 months ago. PF confirmed 1 week before we depart and managed to booked the airticket but coming back she got to take the earlier flight than us.

This is our yearly affair and we 'Ci Mui' planned our holiday every year. Without Eve and Nicky around this year, I think you gals will miss the fun. Anyway I guess we will still enjoy our trip. Talking bout our trip we started this in year 2003. ( correct me if I am wrong 'ci mui ' ).

Year 2003 - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I am the organizer for this trip to Vietnam but end up I didn't go and forfeited my RM50o deposit. Why? Cos I am 6 weeks pregnant. Dearie Suki won't allowed me to go cos 1st pregnancy and he got worried if I insist to go. So I stayed back and sold the air ticket to my 4th Aunty.

This is a sponsored trip by my loving Suki. Too bad cannot go. Must make another trip there cos I heard shopping there is cheap.

Year 2004 - Singapore

I was 6 months pregnant ( 2nd pregnancy ) at that time. Booked my Air Asia ticket to JB with my 'ci mui' and planning to go for the Singapore sales but end up I 'fong fei kei' cos I got sick after I came back from my company Sales and Marketing Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Again Dearie Suki warned me not to go or try to board the plane without his approval.

According to Sam, thank god I didn't go. If not my leg will break cos they walk from morning till late midnight then stop for drinking and clubbing till wee hours in the morning. Aiyar... again my air ticket burned off and transfer it to Nicky. Wasted my money again.

Year 2005 - Bali, Indonesia

My little Ee-Thern is only about few months old and again I miss this trip. Since, Ee-Thern is still young so better stay back and take care of him if not my Dearie Suki cannot 'kau tim' 2 smalls kids with just 1 year gap. I miss the fun again with my 'ci mui'.

Year 2006 - Chiangmai, Thailand

Last year, we went to Chiangmai, Thailand. 6 of us this round and from this trip we meet our dear PF and now we become good 'ci mui'. The first time seeing her and I think she must be thinking this group of girls a bit of ' 38'. Even the 2 aunties ( me and VV ) also so crazy and sot sot. Talk nonsense, laugh for no reason, eat and drink till drop and shop till left RM4.00 back to Malaysia.

Few of us went there with objectives actually. I think me and Sam only. We were looking for wholesalers who sell those women fashion accessories like earrings, pendant, chain, etc... and hoping we can find something back to Malaysia and start some small business here. End up all go shopping and buy and buy and buy and forget our objectives there.

Anyway it is a fun trip and a memorable one cos we shop till got no money left on the last day. End up every night dinner is fried rice and a can of Coca-Cola.

Year 2007 - Phuket, Thailand

Few more hours, we will land in Phuket, Thailand. Have not been there hopefully it is a nice place for me to get away from stress and work. This morning in the office I work so hard just to finish my reports, orders and emails to principal before I go for my holidays. Finally everthing is done and I will have my 3 days 2 nights holiday here.

To my Dearie Suki, thank you again to sponsor my trip, LOVE him so much if he read my blog. Anyway dear, $10,000 baht not enough la for shopping. I got nag by him again not to buy so much unnecessary things back. Anyway I will not buy anything except food. Must control liao.

Hope he can manage the kids at home when I am not around and just a moment ago, he was talking to his little girl..... 'Girl ah, 2molo mommy not around we go McDonalds K'. See la this is how he pampered his girl.

To my fellow 'ci mui' I think we must plan somewhere further next year. I know it is hard for us to take long leave and we always go for short trip. Let's make it a point next year to save more money and maybe let's plan for Korea or Australia. What do you think ?


I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, you have a good time with your 'chi mui' and enjoy yourself especially the yummy food :)

Cat Cat said...

Have fun in Phuket. It's heavan there.
Next year? Go to Hong Kong.
Can go gila-gila in Ocean Park and HK Disneyland. ;D

snoopy said...

Hey Sue, wish you have a great holiday with your "chi mui" and bring back some nice food (photo only lor) for us to share!

Judy said...

SueSue, ci mui meaning sisters?

You know, if got such company, I think anywhere you go also will be nice because whether far or near, it's the company that counts.

Eh, no cash got credit card mah? :)

Kok said...

Annual gathering eh? That must be fun. I hope I can do the same in few years time with my "heng tai" when everyone has got income. ;)

Sue Sue said...

Wan,catcat & snoopy,
I definately wil have lots of fun in Phuket with my good friend.

Yup 'Ci Mui' is sisters. Actually all of us are UNI friends. So we are close and keep in touch after we graduate from UNI.All of them are my real friends and we share everything.

Its fun you know to get all your close friends togther but someone must take the lead to organize it.

Judy said...

Share everything? You sure? That means share husbands also ah? :P

Aiyoh, aiyoh, I can feel SueSue pinching my ears already! :)

Sue Sue said...

'Lau Ang' off course no la. That one reserve for myself one. LOL

jane said...

hi there sue! wow, u've been to everywhere place that I want to visit!!!! how's chiangmai,.. isit worth going? airasia flying there really cheap sometimes :D

Sue Sue said...

Yah, me and my friends always aiming for AirAsia cheap tickets.
Chingmai is a nice to shop. Make sure you don't miss the Sunday Night Market in Chiangmai. You can find all sort of things there at very cheap price they even do the wholesaling there.

I went there last year booked under the AA DIY package. Quite worth it I think is only about RM600++ (airticket + 4 Star Hotel ) 4 days 3 nights.

John said...

Thailand continues to be the top holiday destination in Asia. Reasons culture, good scenery and nice friendly people

Sue Sue said...

Hi John,
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Agree with you, Thailand is still the top holiday destination. Everything is cheap.