Friday, August 3, 2007

Simple Meals #5

Haven't post any of my simple meals last week and I am going to do it now. Nothing special just some simple cooking again for Dearie Suki.

I love fried rice. The easist and no need to think so much and the kids like it. Supposed to bake the fried rice topped with some Bechamel cream sauce and cheese like those from Kim Gary style but my parmesan cheese turned bad in the fridge. So, got to forget about it .

Bought 2 Mackeral Fish from the SS13 night market and I de-boned it and make it into fish paste. Shape the fish paste and deep fried it and it turned out to a lovely homemade fish cake and it is so ' Q '. Still have another Mackeral in the fridge and I am planning to make 'Otak-otak' with it.

This is one of my boring dish and almost every week I prepare it cos Petai is in season now and my Dearie Suki favourites. He won't get bored with it even if I cook it every day. Yer... the toilet stinks with Petai.

Steamed ' Wan Yue' with Kikkoman Soya Sauce. The fish is bought from the SS13 night market again. Cheap and fresh.

Ooops this is not my cooking. Given by my company during the stock take day. Each of us get a packet of 3 pcs KFC plus whipped potato and salad for lunch. All my colleagues can't finish 3 pieces and the most is 2 pieces. So I 'ta pau' back for the kids and they love it so much especially Le-Ann. She only attack the skin with lot of tomato ketchup.

Okie, got to go. My Dearie Suki is calling again to prepare supper cos he is hungry. Lazy to entertain him and going to cook ' Ibumie Prawn Instant Noodle' for him. Easy mah! Really envy him eat so much still so skinny.


Judy said...

What? You call this simple dishes? How many wor? My daughter will love you for life lah. All dishes also she likes, including KFC. :P

Can you please provide recipe for your fish cake? Looks so nice. :)

Thank you in advance ah.

Cat Cat said...

Fried rice with ikan bilis.. YUM.

Eh Sue, I want the fish cake recipe too. We have alot of ikan tenggiri here and usually, I just fried them... Thought of making some fish ball for Annabel. She loved my mom homemade fish ball when we were in Malaysia early this year.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, you cook all these dishes everyday. For me a simple meal is a one pot meal where I dump everything in ;)

Cat, you can buy the ready made fish paste from Asian store. Is in a small container at the freezer aisle.

U.Lee said...

Hi Sue, saw your callsign at Cat's. Wow! You a gourmet cook, huh?
Love all your pics dishes except petai....still remember old days I fly almost every other day to East Coast and Holy Smoke, you sure know when someone has had petai dinner.
The air hostesses had to spray some fresheners every now and then, ha ha.
Keep well, Sue, UL.

Sue Sue said...

Judy & CatCat,
Will blog up the fish paste recipe for you. I still have another tenggiri fish in the fridge. Going to make fish paste today again.

Wei, all my cooking very simple one leh. Either steam fish, fried or stir-fry vegs. I called it simple meals cos it doesn't require much ingredients.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Me too hate petai, too much makes me want to faint at home. But no choice hubby loves it so got to entertain him.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, one tip for you. When you cook petai you cook also brinjal (terung) and they said if you eat it together you will get rid of the petai smell. My mom also hang one brinjal in the toilet :) :) It really works.

Sue Sue said...

Hahahaha... really ah. Must buy brinjal liao cos I still have 1 whole tupperware of petai. U see la me greedy buy so much from Bidor like no need money.