Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today In History

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah.... my sister finally have her own blog today.

Hmmm.... today I will blog bout my dear sis. The one and only 'cheh' (sis) of mine. I have been telling 'cheh' (sis) to create one blog for herself after I have mine but she everytime tell me that she got no time doing all this. Wah... this afternoon don't know what strike her and she MSN me and Joe asking us how to create a blog. Both of us try making fun of her in choosing a name for her blog. Finally... she got one liao.

My 'cheh' ... 6 years older than me. In between us we have a bro but passed away when he was small but Mom didn't talk much bout him so we remain silence. Both me and 'cheh' do have something in common.

* Both of us born on the same day and month, 17th February and hence both of us always celebrate brithday together during younger day.

* Both of us graduated from the local university. Me,UPM and sis, UM.

* Both of us study the same course, Bac of Business Administration.

* Both of us don't have a big career mind, always dreaming to become a SAHM. But she already half way into achieving it and me, still got long way to go.

* Both of us work in the same industry and we always share information and ideas.

* Both of us love travelling and food.

* Both of us are shoperholic and we love warehouse sales. You named it, we will be there.

* Both of us love to '8' around, gossiping, chit chatting and now blogging. hihihi

* Both of us love T & K - Drama.

* Both of us have 2 kids, 1 girl and 1 boy.

* Both of us gave birth to our kids through C-section. Maybe it runs in the family cos Mom too gave birth to 3 of us through C-section. Aiyar... got to pay more money giving birth through C-section.

So, what else do we have in common? The difference between me and her is that she is shorter and me is one head taller.

Flipping through my photo albums and try to search for photos that I took with 'cheh' when I was small. This bring back old memories of me during the younger days when both of us stay and grow up in Ah Mah's house.

Hey 'cheh', we must start taking more photos cos I can't find any photo of both of us at this age ( 30's ) leh ! Keep up the good work with your blog. hahaha....


Judy said...

Lovely photos. I love looking at old photos. Sadly, I don't have many here with me.

Your sister and you sound like twins. Looking at the photos, when your sister was 14 and you were 8, she towered over you and now you are saying, you are a head taller than her?

I will visit your cheh's blog soon

Dancing Queen said...

Hi Sue! Got through from Judy's blog!

You are such a good cook. Got alot to learn from you. So poon see lah you, got to work, still can cook for the whole family! Pui fook pui fook! :D

BTW, your sis & you do really have alot in common, up to the date of birth! :D

Isha said...

congrats to ur sis 4 her new blog.
lovely photos indeed. i got 2 sisters and totaly different with me hehehe...

Sue Sue said...

Mee too love looking at old pictures and makes me giggle all the time. My Dearie Suki though I siau already.

Dancing Queen,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Wei, don't say me like this la where got poon see. Ngak sek ngak sek only.

Yes lor hor, I ask my mom is the date of birth she planned d izzit and she tell me no. Only coincidence.

Thanks. Visited your blog and love your cooking.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, is good to have your sister living so close to you. Sometime I wish mine is here with me where we can chat, go shopping together :( Will swing by to your sister blog later.

jane said...

Your post reminds me so much of my sister and I.. I call her "che" too! she's 2 years older, and we share a bond that nobody would ever understand and know. Been thru so much together.. just makes me appreciate her more and more as we grow older. I also keep pestering her to start a blog. Wahahahaha!