Monday, August 20, 2007

Bento #1: Crispy Cereal Prawns With Rice

Since I had a few sets of Bento Boxes now, so I will start to blog bout my Bentos. My very first lunch Bento to work. Looks ugly I think and I have no inspiration yet on how to decorate my food.

This was done last week and packed some left over food for lunch in the office. Since weather is so hot outside I hardly want to go out for lunch cos everytime I get back from lunch I tend to get headache. So its better for me to stay in the office for lunch and while eating I can watch my T-drama during lunch time. Hihihi.....

While I was packing this, Dearie Suki start teasing me again and was wondering what am I doing with the food and he said :

Dearie Suki : What are you doing ah ?
Me : Cannot see ah ! Packing my lunch!
Dearie Suki : Looks like you 'sulam bunga' on your rice la. Why want to arrange the cereal like that? What is that design ah? Moon ah ?
Me : No la, try to make a prawn shape.
Dearie Suki : LOL, y u so childish!
Me : ????? just for the fun of it. Eat also more happy! Hihihi...


Cat Cat said...

Is that Sambal Udang Kering? Wah, those prawns are big and delicious. Must go and visit you in my next trip to Malaysia.

I Cook4Fun said...

Cat, I also want to visit Sue and eat her Sambal petai :) can or not Sue??

Sue Sue said...

No la its not sambal udang kering. It the crispy cereal which I am complaining too salty and lots of MSG in it.

Yes hor, next round if you come back Malaysia lets have a gathering.

Off course can provided Petai is in season. Sometimes its hard to get too in the wet market.

Lia said...

i love to get one box for my lunch also :D everything looks yummmmmm

Sue Sue said...

Its interesting playing around with the bento boxes.

jane said...

sue sue.... so cruel!!!!

one day never visit oredi wahhhhh SO MANY UPDATES!!! Some more all make me drool... esp. the prawns... wow.. yumyum.... be my sifu and teach me ok!

too much!!!