Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cutie Le-Ann & Ee-Thern

The whole day I am arranging the kids pictures in my laptop and I think there are more than thousands photos of them which didn't managed to develop. Looking back at their pictures makes me want to laugh at the 2 little cutie monsters. Time flies in just a wink of eyes and now both of them have grown up to a super active kids with their naughty acts.

Both of them so happy. Can't remember why they are so happy!

Mangoesteen and Longan is in season now. Wah, my 2 kids really love local fruits especially Le-Ann. I think she can finish 1kg of mangoesteen by herself.

She will be extremely happy if Daddy buy back the mangoesteen from the night market.

My Ee-Thern, I got worried about him when daddy bought a new bicycle for him cos we have been teaching him how to ride a bicycle for about 2 months. Yet he can't get the rythmn how to peddle to the front. Keep 'gostand' and finally one day in Ah Mah's house he started to peddle to the front. Wah... now just like F1 driver can peddle so fast and 'sau corner'.

Blur, blur Ee-Thern. Just woke up from his afternoon nap and must be still dreaming in his wonderland.

This 2 monster sometimes so good friend can 'wrestling' on the bed and laugh and laugh and leaving mommy over there scratching the head why they laugh.

Daddy came back with a packet of orange juice. I refuse to let her drink unless she finish up her plate of rice. End up keep 'jeling' me when I try to snap photo of her. Arrghh.. 'kek si lang' !

Le-Ann is so happy cos daddy bring her out for supper. Her favourite 'Hokkien Mee'. See how happy is she.

The Paul Frank imitation T-shirt from Phuket. Cute leh!

My chicken floss keropok bought from Phuket. Finished up by Le-Ann within 1/2 an hour. Mommy and daddy didn't get the chance to try out.

Very hot, meh! Keep playing with my GUCCI sunglasses in the car. Going to koyak soon.