Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vegetables Curry

Read Judy's blog few days back and saw her Vegetables Curry (drooling, drooling, drooling) and makes me keep thinking about it.Oh! I am craving for it. Am I pregnant again? Hahaha... off course not I think.

Yesterday night cook only one dish... Vegetables Curry using my favourite Maggi Fish Curry Paste. The best fish curry paste I ever tried and I won't miss to grab a pack or more whenever I did my grocery shopping in the supermarkets. It is so convenient and you don't even need to add any salt or sugar into it.

Added in lots of long beans into the curry and also brinjal and ladies finger. Ommitted out the coconut milk and substitude with a can of evaporated milk in order to be more health conscious. Since Dearie Suki don't take vegetables, I added in cut Mackeral Fish into the curry for him.

Dinner time, my Dearie Suki just take a little bit of it cos he is having a stomach upset. Pity him and end up I fried an egg, steamed one 'lap cheong' and fried some crispy salted fish for him.

Hmmmm.... the salted fish I bought from Kuantan is not too bad. Don't know what is the name for it but its a long, flat and tiny salted fish. Wow... if I have chilli padi at home I am definately going to cut some and fried with some shallots and add some sugar into it and sprinkle on top of the crispy salted fish. By the way its nice to go with the vegetables curry. :P


Cat Cat said...

Your curry fish looks good. It has been a while since I had curry fish. I remember the mamak curry fish is the best.

Isha said...

ur vegy curry makes me hungry, and that salted fish sedap makan dengan sambal cili pedas *droooooliiinggg*

I Cook4Fun said...

Fish curry !!! May I have some Sue? Like Cat it has been a while since I makan fish curry :(

Dancing Queen said...

Wah, I didn't know the Maggi Curry paste was so good. Since you highly recommend it, I must try.

How come your hubby doesn't take vegie wan? Must take. :P

Sue Sue said...

Thank you, ya. Yes lor the mamak curry fish best la.

Yup, I seldom eat salted fish cos not good for health but that day I fried really sedap la.

Off course you can have some.

Dancing queen,
Yes wor, being in the food industry for so long , I still find that maggi got a very good range of paste. other than the fish paste the rest of it also quite good. But I dont quite like their chicken curry paste.

My hubby weirdo, dont take greens since small but only take one things which is stink afer makan... PETAI. He can eat everyday. So u will see my previous blog every week cook petai.

Judy said...

I read your latest post first before this.
The mackeral here is so small (a bit bigger than sardines) that is why I still cannot make your fishball lor. So sad!

Wah, your curry is so, so nice lei. I must try and find the Maggie paste, really nice ah?

Did you put a bit of salted fish (pounded) in your curry? My mum does that, wah, so tasty.

Sorry to hear that your dearie Suki is not well. Hope he is better now.

My angmore lau ang hor, he eats brinjals, lady's fingers and beans in the vegie curry and he also loves durian wor! He won't eat assam laksa though! :(

Sue Sue said...

Didn't add any 'kiam hur' into it. Try the Maggi Fish Curry Paste,I think is good.
Wah your 'lau ang' 'lih hai' ah some more can eat durian. Not scared with the pungent smell ah? Aiyor... why he didn't like asam laksa, so nice la. Teach him to eat. Ho Chiak la.