Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yong Tau Foo

Back to normal again and start my work in the office today. Reach office 1/2 an hour late and I think I am having PHD ( permanent head damage ) after coming back from my vacation and can't even think in the office. More than 300 emails lining up for me to open, read and delete but I am still delaying it in the office and start to lazying around, chit chatting, going through my photos I took in Phuket, sending SMS to my friends, MSN with ci mui friend, reading blogs from my blogger friends and finally 11.30 am I started my work. 12.30 pm ... Hooray ... out for lunch again.

Life has to go on, what to do. Reach home late today and cook simple dinner for Dearie Suki and start to blog again. Browsing through my folder and found some of the dishes I cook last week have not been blog. Better start doing it before all the pictures started to pile up again in my laptop.

Make some Yong Tau Foo for dinner last week. Stuffed some beancurds and vegetables with the fish paste and pan fried it till cook. Then I cooked some sauce using oyster sauce to drizzle on top of the assorted Yong Tau Foo. Uses brinjal, ladies finger and red chillies from my garden ( I plant it on my own ), bittergourd, beancurd skin and taufoo pok.

Yummy....I prefer to make my own rather than having outside maybe I think mine is more stuffing compared to the outside stalls. Hmmm.... so easy and yet one dish can ' kau tim' the whole night dinner. My Dearie Suki certainly enjoyed the deep fried beancurd rolls I made for him.


Kok said...

Your yong tau foo looks good! How come you don't cook it with soup? I think it's quite delicious with that too. :)

Judy said...

Very nice wor. I feel like having some now.

SueSue, your boss doesn't read your blog does she? :)

Nice cushy job wor! :D

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Yummy looking Yong Tau Foo! :)

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, what is the goreng goreng stuff in the 2nd picture? It looks really good. I especially like fried stuff too :)

Cat Cat said...

Eh Sue, your YTF looks better than Hung Hung YTF in Ampang wei...
I love Tau Foo Pok and the red chillies. I have to make some YTF this weekend.

Sue Sue said...

I wish I can cook with soup but my hubby like it dry. So got to follow his way. :(

You come my house I belanja you.
Walaueh, if my boss come to know my blog I will close down immediately. Afterwards kena goreng sotong.

Thank you ah.

Ohhh... the goreng stuff is the fuchuk rolls ler. I use beancurd skin and spread the fish paste over then roll up. Cut into small pieces then deep fried.Me too loves all the goreng stuff(^_^)

Mine 'chan choi sat liu' one ( perasan). I love the chillies so much. Going to make again next week and only stuff the chilli.

Isha said...

wow yong tau foo, i havent had it for ages *Drooling*

Sue Sue said...

Thanks dropping by my blog.