Monday, August 13, 2007

Phuket Trip ( 10th - 12th August 2007 )

Back from Phuket yesterday and today I am on leave at home. Real tired yesterday night and knock off at 10 pm with the kids. An enjoyable trip with my good 'ci mui' indeed we really have fun and doing all the 38 act again.

Here are the photos of what we did there.

Day 1
VV pick up Mic, Sam and PF from Puchong and head to my house at about 9 am. Unload all their luggage from her car and load into my car as I am driving my car to park at LCCT. While transferring the bag we were nagging VV why bring a such big luggage as though she is going there for a week. LOL

Before we head on to LCCT, we had our Dim Sum breakfast at SK Restaurant in South City. Ordered quite a no of dim sum, char siew pau, porridge and we enjoy our yam char session for almost 1 hour before we move on.

Our flight to Phuket is at 12.15 noon and the flight is on time. Reach Phuket at about 2 pm and was picked up by the Club Andaman Beach Resort's van to send us for check-in. We booked the room package but the hotel rooms is full and hence they up graded us to the chalet room at no charge. We were lucky cos for that type of chalet room will cost about USD100 per night. We have 2 connected chalet rooms and added one extra bed for PF.

After checking in we refresh ourselves and without wasting the time we went to the hotel receptionist to book the day tour. Our DIY tour is 1st day booked a taxi to Central Festival for 'makan' then at night to watch the Simon Cabaret Show and after the show is free and easy session for us. 2nd day is a 1/2 day island hopping and then free and easy session at Phuket town. 3rd day we will only have 1/2 day to walk around before we depart back to KL.

We get Sam to be our Financial Controller and each of us polled $2000 baht per person for all the fees for shows, makans and transportation fees. She wil be in-charged paying off all the expenses we pooled.

After watching the Ah Kua's show we went for late dinner at about 11 pm at McDonalds. Walk around the street and get a 'tut tut' back to hotel. By the time we take bath, chit chatting and it is almost 2.30 am and get ready to Zzzzz for our next day activities.

Day 2
Woke up at 6.30 am and had our breakfast at 7.30 am cos we are going for a 1/2 day island hopping at Khai Noi Island. About 15 minutes speed boat ride from Phuket. We don't dare to eat too full cos all of us worry we will get sea sick. But luckily it is only a 15 minutes ride and not so bad.

We went for snorkeling and 4 of us me, Sam, Mic and VV swim about 200 meter from the shore to see the beautiful corals and colourful fishes under the water. PF didn't join us for long cos she is a .... 'Puteri Lilin' scared of getting sunburn. Anyway all of us got sunburned cos it is so hot and sunny. Khai Noi is a beautiful island but it is so crowded with tourist from Japan and Hong Kong and off course all the 'ang mohs'.

After the 1/2 day snorkelling and we went back to our hotel and by the time we reach the hotel it is almost 3 pm and all of us are so hungry. Went out to the town to look for food but end up having KFC at JungleCeylon shopping mall cos we are too hungry and can't be bothered to look for other special foods.

After our late lunch we went and shop around JungleCeylon shopping mall and Robinson. Me, Sam and PF came across the Thai Massage at the lower ground floor and we bargain with the girl for $550 baht per person to do the Foot and Thai Massage plus the Pedicure. Quite cheap I think. After hanging around for 3 hours there its time for dinner. Walk around the street and came across a Thai restaurant full with 'ang mohs'. Since the rest can't be bothered what to eat so we walk in an ordered some Thais food and the total bill came out to $1550 baht.

After the dinner start to hang around at the red light street which are full with pubs, ah kuas and hookers that tackle for potential 'sui yue'. Mic start asking us whether want to watch 'Tiger Show' or not cos she has not seen that before. 4 of us watch before so we told Mic to watch herself. 4 vs 1, she got to follow us no choice.

Start our shopping and bargaining for good price. VV did the bargaining job and we stand aside to pay money only once it is deal. I didn't buy much thing cos I don't like to shop there. Environment is just like our 'Petaling Street'. The more we bargain the more rude the people treat us. Maybe their target is 'ang mohs' so we got to walk away without buying.

Anyway I bought some clothes for the kids and a handbag together with my ci mui. It is almost 1 am in the morning and VV bought a few cans of beer to drink in the chalet. Take a 'tut tut' back to hotel and reach our chalet almost 1.30 am. We take turn to take bath and start packing our luggage. After that we start drinking and chit chatting all the nonsense thing in the room. Laugh and laugh and laugh non stop and the next door 'ang moh' must be thinking what are we up to in the middle of the night.

Day 3
Woke up at 9 am and prepare to go for our breakfast. We had a long breakfast and hang around the cafe till 10.30 am . Then start to walk around the resort and snap some photographs. We send PF off cos she is taking the 1.30 pm flight. After she left, we start checking out the hotel and do our last minute shopping before we get the cab to pick us up from Robinson and send us to the airport.

Last minute shopping? Grab a Guy Laroche credit card wallet for Dearie Suki for $600 bath with 5% discount. Me and Sam bought a Guy Laroche Purse for $2150 bath and with 20% discount. My Dearie Suki got scolded by me cos he thought I bought him an imitation Guy Laroche wallet. Really angry why he think I buy imitation goods for him. Anyway it is genuine one, OK. I think he like it cos I saw him start using the wallet this morning.

It is almost 2 pm and its time to head to the airport. We had our late lunch at the airport. We go for Burger King and total bill $840 bath and it is much more expensive than the Burger King here.

It is almost time and we board the plane at 5 pm. Reach LCCT at 6.30 pm and by the time I reach home it is almost 8 pm and both kids is waiting for me.

Sis called me up this morning thinking I am working. She got to know I am not working and ask me to accompany her to Nichii Fashion City at Sg Besi. Since I got nothing to do I accompany her cos she wanted to get a dress. She is real 'Devil' ask me to accompany her and end up I bought 2 dress, 1 cardigan and 1 white jacket.

Aiyar... spend another RM160 for clothes and feel so guilty cos spend money again. Anyway I tell myself treat this as a reward to myself for working so hard this year. hihihihi...

Tomorrow another day and life is back to normal. Got to work like 'cow and horse' in the office again. Just a wink of eyes, my fun holiday with my ci mui is over and we shall plan for next year.

'Ci Mui Moon'.... where is our next destination ?


Kok said...

You must be having a great holidays eh? ;)

Wah, just finished a trip and now, thinking of the next trip already? haha!

I Cook4Fun said...

Aiyah, sue, went to Phuket why eat Mcdonald, KFC and Burger king? They have so many nice seafood there. For shopping I think Bangkok is still better and Phuket is more for the beach. Glad that you had a good time with your chi mui.

Judy said...

Sounds so nice. I also want this kind of holiday but I don't have the same gang of friends who would all want to holiday together. :)

Ours will always be family holidays.

Cat Cat said...

I thought about the same thing as Gert. Why eat McD, KFC and BK - all fast food? Rugi oooo - Phuket is seafood heaven lah... Tomyam, Pad Thai, lobster, tiger prawn - macam2 lagi...
Glad to know you had a great time. I also want to find some chi mui here and have some chi mui trip. HAHAHA.

Sue Sue said...

Off course it is a great trip and also for next trip must start saving money liao.

Wan & catcat,
Yes lor so crazy hor go there eat McD, KFC and BK. My friend la not food savvy one as long as can full can liao. They rather save the money to shop. All are shopperton can shop from morning till midnight. Me no choice lor 4 vs 1, they eat what I follow lor.

Very fun leh but someone must take the lead to organize.Usually me and my ci mui, Sam will start off cos we very KPC one mah. My Dearie Suki also 'tabik' us la.

But I also must start to look forward for family trip liao cos my 2 monkeys grown up liao can go for trip d.

Bento Pet said...

Your pictures speak a thousand words. Your slide show was very interesting. Welcome back. Missed your 'stories'.

Sue Sue said...

Bento Pet,
Thank u, Thank u. Will start my blogging again. hahaha

snoopy said...

Exiting vacation story...I wish I can join you in your next holiday! Anyway, welcome home!

Sue Sue said...

Can also if you can tahan us. Cos we r very very crazy and 38 oh!

selva said...

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