Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finger Licking Good

When I was not around on Tuesday, Dearie Suki 'ta pau' KFC for dinner and he snap some pictures of Le-Ann eating KFC. Looks like without me at home both of them enjoy themselves so much with daddy.

Wah... KFC come out with new stuff. Fish and chips with tartare sauce in the box. Dearie Suki told me she loves KFC so much and some more ask him to buy the fried chicken. Guess what she is going to do? Attack the skin again lor!

See even Ee-Thern also loves the fried chicken skin so much. Remember last weekend I got the FOC KFC from office. These 2 adorable kids attack 3 pieces of chicken skins only. Some more can fight for the skin. Aiyor... I want to faint see the way they eat. Soooooo unhealthy.


snoopy said...

Hmmm, that is the simples meal and also one of my favourite.

Cat Cat said...

Wah Sue, both your anak kecik2 sudah pandai makan fried chicken skin. Those KFC chicken skin memang sedap... I like the crispy KFC. Taste better!

Judy said...

Hahaha, she can go in the advert for KFC lah. Sure increase the sales.

Why baby didn't get a plate of his own ah? Share with his sister?

Sue Sue said...

My favourite too.

Yes lor memang pandai. Only the kulit ranggup they attack then left the meat.

His chehcheh la stingy fellow, don't want to give didi his share so I got to scold them again.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

lol... i love to eat the skin of the KFC chickens as well... and like u said... my mum and gf will always say it's unhealthy! lol..but i don't care.. =) I will always leave the skin to the last, cos I believe in good things should be eaten last! LOL

jane said...

Sue, your Le-Ann is SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I wish i could carry her and play with her! Then I scrolled down and saw ur Ee-thern (did i spell wrongly?) Another cutieeeeeeeeee.............. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *geram* wanna cubit-cubit and baby talk liao!

Sue Sue said...

Me too will eat the skin last. Save the best for last mah.

Yup you spell correctly Ee-Thern and is pronounced Ethan. My cousins everytime see them also want to cubit them.